Mr. Prince Kumar and student Khushal Singh Mr. James Zhu - Principal and student Khushal Singh Student Kushal Singh with Faculty and colleagues INZBC Summit 2014 with PM and board members Prince with Hon. Prime Minister John Key 6 Aug 2014 dinner at Northern club Prince with Hon. Prime Minister John Key Prince with Sir Richard Hadlee Prince with CEO, Souther Cross Insurance Prince with Immigiration Minister Hon. Michael Woodhouse 21.07.2014 Prince withHon. Grahame Morton, Indian High Commissioner Delhi Tim Cooper, President EDENZ with Rose Cooper Student Support Manager EDENZ Prince with Hon. Prime Minister John Key DonRae, Hon.John Banks, Prince and Fergus MinisterKapil Sibal and chairman INZBC Panel of guest speakers Prince receiving award from the MD Prince with Hon. Ranil Wickramasinghe, ex Prime Minister, Sri Lanka Prince with Sir Richard Hadlee, Patron, India New Zealand Business Council SDC10477 Prince addressing the National Conference hosted by AMP Education in Cdr, 24th & 25 Feb2012 Prince with Hon. Prime Minister John Key, New Zealand with John Key Intl. educational conference Prince with Hon.Jan Henderson, High Commissioner , New Zealand Prince with Hon. Guy Nathan, Immigration Minister Prince with Hon. Tim Groser, Trade Minister Prince with Indian High Commissioner Prince with Hon.Speaker Mrs.Mehra Kumar, India edex-pic-3 Prince with Mr. Pramod Singla and family edex-pic-10 edex-pic-8 SEIC Hyd  branch head Celestina, Revathi Team Brig. Sud, CEO CANASIA and team edex-pic-2 edex-pic-6 edex-pic-11 edex-pic-12 edex-pic-13 edex-pic-14 edex-pic-15 edex-pic-16 edex-pic-9 edex-pic-7 edex-pic-5 edex-pic-4 DSCN4054 edex-pic-11 edex-pic-12 edex-pic-1 DSCN5025 DSCN5027 DSCN5044 Ridhima chat with Jack Principal north-india-seminar-1 north-india-seminar-2 javascript lightbox jqueryby v5.9