What is EDEX Academy
EDEX Academy (NZ) Ltd provides Education Consultancy to students desiring to further their educational careers in New Zealand and other overseas educational institutions. EDEX has its offices in Auckland, NZ and Hyderabad, India which helps in the facilitating process.
New Zealand has some very leading Universities, Polytechnics and PTE's providers. Tertiary institutions in New Zealand have high quality qualifications recognised worldwide. EDEX works closely to identify quality institutions in New Zealand and offer the pathway to desiring students. Long term relationships clubbed with discussions with international offices, individual departments and academics has led to successful collaborations with many distinguished institutions.
EDEX have also developed a unique structure which enables it to access a large pool of experts & consultants who are always willing to take on challenges and assist our international students find simple solutions to complex challenges.
The facilitation process is greatly enhanced by Prince Kumar (Managing Director), Eappen John (CEO), Veronica Samuel (Gen. Manager) along with a dedicated team of experts in Edex Academy.
We envision inspiring students from Asia region for quality global education that will transform their outlook through honest reflection and hard work.
Driven by growing opportunities from global education providers we are committed to serve the learning community by striving to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision.